Disclosely connects you with lawyers in Ontario who help you correctly disclose your personal financial data to your spouse for your family court case, as required by law.


Limited scope-of-services.

Designed for self-represented persons.

Lawyer-assisted document preparation.

Pay for what you need, not your entire case.


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Disclosely is simply the name of an online service by KPA Lawyers Professional Corporation, a law firm in Ontario. With several thousands of hours of experience assisting clients in family law cases in Ontario, our lawyers provide cost-effective limited scope financial disclosure services to people who are representing themselves without a lawyer in family court.

You never want to be in a situation where the opposing party or even the Judge is accusing you of hiding your money or assets. With our assistance, you will not only meet your disclosure obligations, but you will likely exceed them. This level of transparency and detail will help you build trust and credibility in court.

This particular service is primarily provided by Sasha Faraone, a family lawyer at KPA.



Start with letting us know who you are, so we can verify whether we already represent someone else against you. This is called a "conflict-of-interest" check.


After you're approved, you'll be invited to book a telephone call with a family lawyer to start working on your case. The call will be scheduled for 60 minutes, and is priced at $149+HST. We'll also be able to determine how much the total cost of your services will be based on the complexity of your financial disclosure.



After we've received your financial documents, we'll collaborate with you to complete the relevant court forms and supporting evidence. Don't worry, our lawyers will do most of the heavy lifting.


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“Going through a separation or divorce is a hard experience - emotionally. You need a solid team behind you to support you and guide you through the process. Having Sasha on my team is one of the best decisions I have made. She listens, responds in a timely manner and communicates effectively with me. Most importantly she takes time to understand my concerns and supports me in the best way possible. She is the anchor within my team. I highly recommend her to be part of your team. Thank you Sasha.”

Arnelle Adigue

“I was quickly put at ease by Sasha Faraone. Her outstanding professionalism during an extremely stressful time in my life. She works extremely hard and has gone above and beyond for my divorce. Sasha takes time to explain everything and is very knowledgeable. I highly recommend her. Highly satisfied with the outcome, Sasha has exceeded my expectations! Thank you again Sasha, for your devoted hard work.”

Eva Molnar

I cannot say enough about my lawyer Sasha Farone. She is extremely thorough, knowledgeable and caring. Sasha always treated me like a person, not just another case during this extremely difficult time in my life. She always went the extra mile and stuck up for me. She would always answer my questions and listen to my concerns. Sasha never backed down from any challenge or curveball, all the while showing humanity and compassion. Family matters are complicated and emotional and Sasha's clear head kept me going during the whole process. I highly recommend Sasha Farone. I was very lucky to have her represent me”

Ron Harrison